Monday, October 1, 2007

Gtalk chat windows...!!

I was reading the Kiran's blog on Gtalk and Gmail chat synchronization problem and found out one more problem in addition to the stated problems.

Follow the steps listed below:
1. Signin to Gtalk, open two chat windows and then minimize both of them.
2. Minimize the main Gtalk application to the system tray by clicking on the cancel button.
3. Now to chat with one more user, restore the Gtalk application which is minimized on the system tray.
4. All the minimized chat windows will be automatically restored as soon as you restore the gtalk application.

So now this is an ignorance by the QA or the program manager?


Anonymous said...

Value Vs Effort, ever thought of that. The word probably is 'postponed to next release' and not 'ignorance'.


Nishant Verma said...

Well u cannot say it's the IGNORANCE of QA or PGM !
I feel that it is a less severity bug which could have been compromised to meet the deadlines.

Ujjwal said...

Well ya u r right.... but then if you noticed its still beta release.

that gives it the right to be inconsistent .. doesnt it ;)

However did u not like the intelligent interface of Gtalk it kind of listens to what you wish to do with it.

How do u like the idea of multi state controls which change according to what would be most expected from them.

gv_pradeep said...

And that's not all.When a couple of chat windows are open,(Windows Key+M) fails to minimize these culprits..!(Windows Key+D) solves the purpose though..:)

Upma_Sharma said...

Thanks GV for the additional information.