Monday, July 23, 2007

Viewing pictures of Zipped folder

When you open a picture from a picture folder in windows picture and fax viewer, you navigate through the pictures with the help of the arrow keys.

Try doing the same in a zipped folder of pictures.

You wont be able to navigate through your arrow keys, instead if you press the arrow key to view the next picture the same picture would come up again or you may see some picture which you never expected. This is because WinZip shows the picture, which is already stored in the Temp folder of your hard drive.

WinZip should automatically open and store the picture in the temp folder whenever user clicks on the arrow key to view the next picture.

This will allow the user to navigate through the pictures in a zipped folder with the arrow keys.

Invisible mode on Gtalk

Gtalk should provide the feature of invisible mode, giving us (the users) the freedom of remain logged in the way we want.

In comparison Yahoo provides an option of logging in as well as switching to the invisible mode after logging in.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Gmail : Open in a new window/tab

Why do you commonly right click on a link??

To open a link in new window or tab.

I am sure you must have tried to open mails in yahoo, rediff or hotmail in a new window.

“Open in a new window” is the first option in the right click menu.

But try doing this in Gmail –

“This frame” is the last third option on the right click menu, on selecting that another menu comes up, from where you need to select “Open frame in a new tab/window” option.

On clicking that, the selected mail wont open in a new window, but the inbox (very same page) opens in a new window.

  • You land up clicking once more to read a mail from your inbox.

  • “Open in a new window/ tab” should have been first or second option in the main menu instead of being in the sub menu.

Browsing through your mails takes more time, as user tends to navigate in the single window only.

Below are the screenshots of yahoo mail, rediff mail and hotmail showing how easy it is for the user to navigate and read their mails.