Monday, July 23, 2007

Viewing pictures of Zipped folder

When you open a picture from a picture folder in windows picture and fax viewer, you navigate through the pictures with the help of the arrow keys.

Try doing the same in a zipped folder of pictures.

You wont be able to navigate through your arrow keys, instead if you press the arrow key to view the next picture the same picture would come up again or you may see some picture which you never expected. This is because WinZip shows the picture, which is already stored in the Temp folder of your hard drive.

WinZip should automatically open and store the picture in the temp folder whenever user clicks on the arrow key to view the next picture.

This will allow the user to navigate through the pictures in a zipped folder with the arrow keys.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there..
Nice Blog on UI design.
The application you say you use to navigate through pictures is the "Windows picture and Fax Viewer". so if you want Winzip to open pictures and help you navigate they will have to make a separate picture viewer for viewing pictures in .zip, etc files.
-Deepak (I was in your senior batch SCIT) :)