Thursday, December 27, 2007

Parent Outlook closes its children…!!

In case a user has multiple read mail messages opened in MS Outlook and user closes the main outlook window, all the read mail messages are closed without asking for the permission from the user.

They can show a dialog box as shown below to the user similar to IE7.

Try Printing random pages in Adobe Acrobat..!!

Adobe Acrobat print window doesn’t have an option of printing random page numbers (like 1,4 and 9) from a document.

Please compare it with the MS office print window which has this option.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Photo Printing Wizard

I wanted to take a printout of one picture from a folder containing six pictures. So I right clicked on a picture, selected print from the menu and photo printing wizard launched. All the pictures of the folder were shown and that particular picture was checked as selected (as shown in the figure). It’s a good idea to show all the pictures of the folder in the photo printing wizard as a user has the option from the wizard to print other pictures of the folder. But I think the only thing missing was the filename below the thumbnail view of each picture. This would be great help so that a user could easily locate the exact file.The next time I tried to print multiple pictures; I saw the print wizard window with the selected pictures rather than all the pictures of that folder.
Hmmm…now that’s what I call “Inconsistency”!!