Friday, June 29, 2007

Scroll bar on Templates page on Blogger

On the page that displays the templates options for the blog have an inner side bar instead of just having the regular sidebar. That page is completely dedicated to just make a template option for the blog. I see no point of keeping that inner side bar. Regular side bar also completely serves the purpose and is more standardized and comfortable.

Crtl + F in MS-Outlook

Ctrl+ F is a standard keyboard shortcut to search in MS- Office, browsers and most of the standard applications.

But have you ever tried to search in a read mail window in MS Outlook?

Just try it out….

You will see the forward mail window open instead of the ‘Find’ pop-up/ search box in your read mail window, while the read mail window remains open in the background.

Now instead you need to press F4 to search in your mail, and not Ctrl+F…!! :)

Apart from that…

  • Press Ctrl -F on the mailbox (root for inbox etc..), you will get a find box.
  • But when you press Ctrl-F on the inbox (root for folders), you wont see any response.
  • When you press Ctrl-F when you are browsing through your mails in a folder, it opens up a forward mail window for the mail, which is selected.

So here I can see three different functions of Ctrl- F within the same application MS- Outlook...!! :)