Friday, March 14, 2008

Print random pages in Adobe Acrobat

In Abode Acrobat 7, the feature of printing the random pages was missing which they added in version 8. Compare the small change in "Pages" field in the pictures below which enhanced the feature.

Acrobat Reader 7 print window

Acrobat Reader 8 print window

It seems Abode and Google are tracking my blog and adding the posted missing features ;)


SNIGDHA said...

Hi Upma Mam,

u dont know me.I came to ur blog accidently.
My name is SNIGDHA AGRAWAL & I m working in satyam computers,hyderabad.

Ur blog is very informative.I appreciate ur kbowledge and effort to create it.

Mam,U r working in Aditi Technologies it having a branch in PUNe too.
Actually I am a java.testing professional,2 yr wk ex..looking for a job switch in PUNe..

Can u guide me for this...
thanks in advance...

Upma_Sharma said...

Hi Snigdha, Good to know that you liked my blog. Aditi doesnt have a branch in Pune. In India, it has a branch only in Bangalore.